Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Game Of Losing

Losing someone you love is part of every relationship. But of course, we don't want that to happen as much as possible. We do things just to keep the relationship going. And at times, we often hold on to promises that we cannot keep and that destructs what used to be a fruitful love. And when that happens, we are at a limbo. Not able to do the usual stuff and sulk in the memory of the past, worst daydream of what could have been. There are relationships worth another try, and there are too that will just remain in our hearts forever.

I often associate this with basketball. The ball is either on the opponent or your court. But when it's your turn holding the ball, the decision is yours. It's either you shoot or you pass. In trying to save a relationship, you either hold on or just let it go. But still the ball is in your hands. Whatever the outcome when you shoot or pass solely depends on you. That one shot is critical, no holds barred, nothing to loose anyway at that moment. In passing the ball, you're shying away from a) hurt b) further hurt c) just plain thinking. But then again, there will a point wherein you give up or prolong your agony. In the game, there will be overtime, that is what I mean by prolonging once' agony. And just like any game, it'll be game over. No matter how you delay your anguish, it will come to an end. You now ask yourself, what went wrong thus take it as a learning experience.

Dear readers, more stories will soon be published. This thought post may serve as reminder to everyone that the ball is round, it has no sides, however you hold it, there will be a point wherein it's gonna fall of your hands. I tell you, hold on to your ball lightly as it also need space.



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