Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Confused Love

Letter from Gigi:

"Melissa, I saw your site on google. Anyhow, I want too see if I am in love or staying for the sake of love." - Gigi

Hi Gigi,

Dearrie, I'm finding it hard to answer your email as you've not indicated details. But I'll give you something to read about. And you can write me back should you wish too.

Love is complex and complicated too. I believe that when a person is in love, questions that sounds like doubt is alarming. It could be that you are not really into him. Because when you love a person, you accept everything, I mean everything. I understand that there are disagreements and misunderstandings, but keep in mind that the reason why you fought is the action not the person. When you blame the person instead of his wrong doings, then that is something else. Two things: the problem is you or you're plain insensitive. I'm not saying that you're either; it's my theory. What am I getting into is simple, take time off. With that, you are doing your relationship a favor. Instead of continuous unresolved fights, both of you can think to see if it's worth giving your relationship a second try or just end it.

Others stay, especially girls, they stay in the relationship for the reason that they need partners. I had known a few who did that. Past tense: had and did! The last I've from them, they didn't end up with the partners of their choice. It's really hard to stay for the sake of staying.

To end, no one can tell you if you are in love or not. You and only you can feel that. My advice, when in doubt, don't. :)


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  1. Yup, makes me wonder why some other people have to doubt if they are in love or not. I think, if they have to entertain doubts about their feelings for another person, it's more likely that they don't really love the person that much.