Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Phases Of Love

Everyone know the feeling of being in love. Restless nights, smiling with no reason, constantly checking phone, mindful of get-up, smells good, those are just symptoms of love. There are a lot of classification of love. But for this blog, I'm going to discuss love, that mutual feeling.

We have gone through the phases of love. Grade school days, we have puppy love or better known as childhood sweethearts. When we head off to universities for college, that's when we experience our first love. It's like a trial and error part, wherein most of us do not succeed at the first try. Often than not, we jump from one relationship to another with the hope of finding the one. Then comes the mature love, in this phase couples start planning for the future. Marriage, kids, financials, are aspects of the talks. Girl becomes a woman and attend to her families' need. On the other hand, boy becomes man and take care of hid families' finances. Years after, the uncoditional love is born. Wherein couples have learned to accept life's indifferences and vowed to commit on their marriage promises.

The explanation above is the what should be. But the reality is still up to the couples. If they want to succeed and have a smooth sailing relationship, then they have to work hard for it. Even the best couples have their own share of problems. No one is spared from this. Handling arguments is a matter of understanding and openness from both parties. I often say that all big problems came from those little ones. What I'm saying is that, couples must try to resolve issues before hitting off the sack. If they are not able to do this, most likely, it would pile up other small unresolved problems. Then boom! it's going to explode right off their faces when the time comes. And they say, it's too late. One can't fix things when there is nothing to fix and one ca't fix things when there is nothing more to fix. You see what I'm saying?

So what am I getting into? Simple, just learn when to understand and when not to. Understanding leads to an open mind. Thus, you'll be able to see things on both perspective. No only that this is good for your relationship. It is for your betterment as a person. People would learn to like you and keep you in their friends list and not the other way around.

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