Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Text From Cristy

"Hey Melissa, Thank you for taking time out to see me. My boyfriend Carlo is still mad at me. He mentions that he doesn't want to see me. Do you think he's seeing another? Or is it just me? I know you've heard stories like this but I am still confused." - Cristy


Earlier you mentioned that Carlo asked for a cool-off. First, I don't believe in cool-off. There's no such thing as cool-off. It's one way of telling you that he wants out of relationship with you, period. Though there are guys who resort to cool-off just to think things over. In your case, Carlo may have gotten tired of your complaining. Those petty quarrels and non-sense arguments might have triggered this. Admit it, guys hates nagging and that's what you're doing. Girl, he may not be seeing someone but he's tired and just may be wants time to think. I may not know Carlo personally, yeah I met him twice and I did not have to chance to talk to him. Ok, for your peace of mind, I advice you not to text him nor call, give him time. If he loves you then he'd ba back. But if not, think on a postive note. He may not be your Mr. Right. There are lot of things that should keep you busy. Your studies, your family and your life. I know at first it's hard, but on the long run, you'll learn to know the reason why he left you. It's too early to tell, but be prepared. I am just here.


Note: For confidentiality purposes, the names of the persons invloved have been changed. This text message is published with Cristy's approval.

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